Jindal Aluminium Limited - The Leading Providers Of Aluminium Extruded Profiles And Other Aluminium Products In India

Established in the year 1968 with a vision of growth in prospect, Jindal Aluminium Limited has reached the pinnacle of trust as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. Jindal Aluminium Limited caters the need of all possible sections of the world market today, ranging from Automobile to Industrial, Telecommunication profiles to Solar surfaces to mention a few. The single largest manufacturer of aluminium profiles in India, Jindal Aluminium Limited does export durable and flexible aluminium extruded profiles to more than 27 countries. Jindal Aluminium Limited holds the major percentage of
share in the aluminium industry in India.

With the establishment of Jindal Aluminium Limited with just one 1500 ton American press to the present day status of having seven extrusion presses under one roof, Jindal Aluminium Limited has come a long way in terms of conceiving an idea of becoming the pioneers in the field of Aluminium Extrusion and making it into reality.

The span of industries catered by Jindal Aluminium Limited is listed below:


Automation industry requires flexible and sturdy aluminium profiles with ultimate tolerance levels built to run under any strenuous condition. The demand from domestic and international clients alike to deliver finest quality extruded profiles has been the constant motivating factor for Jindal Aluminium Limited to deliver profiles on time; every time!

Automobiles and Transportation

The manufacturing of best quality extruded profiles and automobile parts and components that are compliant with all the international safety standards is the foremost requirement of all the major domestic and international automobile industries today. Jindal Aluminium Limited delivers world-class automobile profiles to the leading industries of the world market on time, thereby winning their trust.

Similarly, transportation industry heavily relies on high-precision framework and profiles that never compromise on the safety factor. Jindal Aluminium Limited supplies flexible, low-weight and eco-friendly extruded profiles to transportation industry.

Building and Architectural

Changing architectural style, ever-increasing demand for aluminium extruded profiles that are durable and flexible to support the modern architecture, good-to-look-at factor and low-price are some of the brightest point that make Jindal aluminium extrusions the suited choice for modern building architectural plans. These extruded profiles come with rich fabrication and powder coating that stand the test of time. Facades, Curtain Walling, Glass Houses and Shop Fronts are some of the examples where aluminium profiles are being used.

Electrical and Electronics:

Electrical and Electronics industry requires profiles that are tested for safety and are tolerant enough to withstand any hard knocks. The manufacturing of aluminium profiles that adhere to safety standards and exceed client expectations helped Jindal Aluminium Limited build fruitful association with companies such as BEL, BHEL, HAL, BOSCH that has continued for over a decade now.

Flat Bars and Tubes

Transmission and Distribution industry is in constant requirement of flat bars and tubes for its use in control panels and other devices. Jindal Aluminium Limited manufactures extruded profiles that are built from the finest raw material under stringent production capacity. These flat tubes and bars comply with international safety standards.


With more than 25% share in the Indian market and being the largest manufacturer of aluminium extruded profiles in India, Jindal Aluminium Limited serves a diverse array of industries such as Automobile, Aviation, Defense, Electrical , Home-appliances, Railways and Textiles. Jindal Aluminium Limited manufactures profiles for all types of industries, with the widest available profile of 400mm width.

Solar Industry

Profiles manufactured in all types of alloys and temper capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions make Jindal Aluminium Limited as the top supplier of solar industry profiles/sections. These solar panels are built to sit perfectly on the technical requirements expected by the client.