Durabuild Aluminium Composite Panels Choice Of The Leaders

Durabuild introduces itself as a leading manufacturer of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) and durable Colour Coated Coils. Durabuild Aluminium Composite Panels comply with and excel in all international standards of safety and workmanship. Durabuild boasts of an excellent development team dedicated to providing world-class Aluminium Composite Panels suited for various industries and uses. The production facility is located at Ranjangaon, near Pune in India. The set up cost equals to over Rs 110 crores (US$ 27.5 Mn approx.) and the plant has two Aluminium Composite Panel lines and in-house production facility that manufactures Colour Coated Coils. These capacities are of the highest standard and range between 2 million and 13 million sq meters respectively. An excellent in-house design studio and equally equipped R&D and testing team make Durabuild the ultimate industry choice. Durabuild has so far supplied more than 1 million sq. meters of Aluminium Composite Panels spanning many industries and installations. These panels are tested on a wide range of safety parameters complying with international standards. Some of the famous laboratories are ATI (Architectural Testing Inc, YORK, U.S.A) and MPA Otto- Graf- Institut, Germany. The panels and coils are extensively tested on ASTM and DIN standards for better performance and durability. Choose Durabuild products and experience the sense of fine craftsmanship!