Dow Corning Construction Sealants – A Perfect Solution For All Construction Related Needs

For over 30 years, Dow Corning has been the leading provider of Construction Sealants that find its use in various construction industries, globally. A perfect partner for all construction needs, Dow Corning Silicone Sealants and Construction Chemicals are the ideal choice trusted by many architects, contractors and others looking for a perfect construction solution that lasts a lifetime. The global player has set very high standards in terms of product durability, quality and performance that is always punctual. Dow Corning assists its clients at every stage of the construction process through innovation and implementation of ideas.

Dow Corning caters to the various needs of the rising world industry today; be it the construction process or renovating an existing property.

  • Providing Structural Glazing Solutions and Weatherproofing
  • Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Improving Productivity and Reduction of Material Waste
  • Extending Building Life
  • Realizing Developmental Ideas Through Sustainability
  • Design Freedom

The uniqueness that has made Dow Corning the market leaders and the dependence factor by various industries is summarized below:

  • Silicone Sealants and Construction Chemicals are preferred by all industry leaders alike
  • Easy access to Dow Corning Products and Technical Support
  • Construction Expertise; Extensive Product Know-how; Trained Technical Expertise
  • Realistic Approach To Energy Efficiency
  • Complete Assistance at All Stages of Production, domestically and internationally
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Materials; Determining Environmental Footprin