Diversey India Private Limited Implementing Healthy High Performance Cleaning Practices And Green Cleaning Tools

Diversey India Private Limited, providing sustainability and cleaning solutions that have a minimal effect on the environment, has crafted a niche for itself in the cleaning industry. These efficient cleaning programs are environment-friendly and help the green cause for a better tomorrow. Diversey India Private Limited has been in the industry for over 130 years providing innovative green technologies to the world. Diversey uses a variety of efficiency techniques to improve productivity and reduce time involved in cleaning and maintenance. Excellent training facilities and timely customer support combined with efficient cleaning program are the core factor to Diversey’s excellent run of success. Diversey’s own innovative Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) method makes use of strategic planning, putting these practices to test and following strict guidelines for better cleaning practices that promises a safe environment.  HHPC method also includes certain guidelines for better product management, resulting in a greener, healthier environment.

A few of the core areas of Diversey India Private Limited’s excellence are listed below:

The chemical products manufactured by Diversey India Private Limited adhere to highest standards of safety and pass through strenuous testing conditions. The chemicals are tested in various organizations such as Green SealTM, GreenGuard and EU Flower. The products are then certified to be safe to use and have minimal impact on the environment. Glass Cleaners, Industrial Degreasers and Carpet Cleaners are some of such products.
Diversey also includes a vast array of products developed on a strict production criteria adhering to the company’s best-in-class standards. These products are extensively tested for improved safety, ease of use and less impact on the environment. Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Odour Control Systems, Environmental Surface Disinfectants and Skin Care Products make for such type of products.
Dispensing Technology:
Diversey’s unique Dosing and Dispensing technology dilutes the concentrated cleaning solutions by missing it with tap water. This method ensures safety, is more cost effective and the impact of using chemicals is minimal on the environment.
All the tools used for cleaning are built for safety and thereby, prevent any health hazards that may occur. Tools that present less environmental impact and speed up the cleaning process are the core strength of Diversey’s cleaning programs. The use of Microfiber Pad Technology ensures hygienic cleaning in quick time, thus greatly reducing the care time to half. Microfiber Pad Technology eliminates the risk of contamination by particulates.
Training And Support:

Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) practices along with the cleaning products make for an advanced cleaning practice that is safe for the environment and people. HHPC practices support the green cause and use products that have minimal effect on the environment and people alike.