Alstone Platinum Series Of Aluminium Composite Panels –Renowned For Excellent Resistance And Rigidity

Alstone Platinum Series of Aluminium Composite Panels are known for their excellent resistance to delamination that makes it stand out among its competitors. Alstone Panels satisfy custom requirements depending on the thickness and colour scheme specified by the clients. Alstone is the result of combination of two separate aluminium skins. These aluminium skins are pre-coated and then bonded thermally to the two sides of a non-toxic polyethylene core. The process is supported by proper combination of chemical and mechanical actions which results in a product that has excellent resistance level.

The salient features of Alstone Platinum Series of Aluminium Composite Panels are enlisted below:

  • Excellent Colour Uniformity
  • Easy to Maintenance
  • Uniformly Flat Panels
  • High Resistance To Delamination
  • Light And Rigid
  • Industrially Suited
  • Vastly Reduces Construction Time Involved

A word of suggestion to prospective clients for a better product experience:

  • Ensure all the requirements of a project are specified in a single order to maintain colour consistency
  • Install the panels in the direction specified on the cover to avoid reflection differences, if any
  • Custom Colours and Special Finish can be chosen
  • Colours may vary from one batch to the other

A brief description of the Panel Dimensions available::

  • 1220mm x 2440mm

Standard Size :

  • 1220mm x 3050mm
  • 1220mm x 3660mm

AI. Skin Thickness :

  • 0.25mm & 0.5mm

Width :

  • 1220mm

Length :

  • Upon request

Thickness :

  • 1.5mm to 6mm

A brief description on Product Tolerance:
Width :

  • ±2mm

Length :

  • ±3mm (not allowed minus error)

Thickness :

  • 4mm Thick —±0.2mm

Squareness :

  • Max ±2.0mm

Bow :

  • Max 0.5%
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