Achem Tapes – World Leaders In Providing Quality Acrylic Adhesives

Established in the year 1960, ACHEM has successfully merged convention with technology to exceed all client expectations over the years. ACHEM distinguishes itself from its competitors by being the first PVC tape provider in Taiwan and is renowned worldwide as the leaders in developing various grades of quality acrylic adhesives. Spanning over four decades of excellent craftsmanship, ACHEM tapes has applied coating technology to its distinguished array of PVC tapes. The coating technology which is ACHEM’s core strength has seen tremendous commercial success over the years. ACHEM also has to its credit the distinction of being the first developer of solvent acrylic BOPP tape.

The success of ACHEM Tapes lies in the successful migration from conventional methods to the modern ways of production. This has helped ACHEM extend its product line and improve profitability, retaining existing clients all along. Extending the basics of coating technology and combining that with modern chemicals and opto-electronic materials have helped ACHEM bridge the gap between a rich past to a more promising future!